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you must do

The thing you think you cannot do…

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just knew that you were meant to be in that exact place at that moment? I had that experience July 16th, as I took the lead in my first commitment as the Executive Director of The Courage Center. It was one of those moments where…

recovery month

2017 Recovery Month Proclamation

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Celebrate Recovery Month

Celebrate Recovery Month

September is Celebrate Recovery Month! This is a celebration of the 23+ million Americans – and 400,000+ South Carolinians – in recovery from substance use disorders and addiction. Why is this important to me? It’s important to me because I owe everything to my recovery. Without it I would be either dead or continuing to…

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Signs & Symptoms

Signs & Symptoms

Learn how to identify signs of substance use.

Learn the Signs

Language of Recovery

Language of Recovery

The words you choose are important.

Learn the Language